Straight Staircase

The Joinery Denne has years of experience in crafting staircases.

We know how with staircases how important it is that it both works but also looks good. Whilst we manufacture large grandiose staircases we also manufacture simple, straight flight staircases in a wide range of styles, designs and specifications. We can help you or your architect, design your staircase so that it fits your stairwell opening and meets building regulations.

We can manufacture our staircases in wide range of materials such as oak, sapele, tulipwood, ash, walnut or pine. If you are carpeting your staircase then the treads will be constructed in durable MDF or if you are painting the treads, then we will select pine or tulipwood.

We can give you options for newel, handrail and spindle types all in a wide range of materials and designs. You can have newels and spindles that are bespoke turned if required, or we have a wide range of standard designs that you can choose from.

Whether up to your attic, or down to your basement, contact The Joinery Denne for more information or advice.

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